About us

In February 2021, Csillagfény or in short: Csilli, burst into my life. I've always wanted a dog, but my life didn't allow for it as I traveled the world on different cruise ships. Then Csilli, the baby dog who was ​​dumped in Nógrád county into a field, came to my 46-square-meter, one-room, third-floor apartment in Budapest. With fear of hights, noise-sensitive, afraid of everything outside the apartment. As a beginner dog owner, it was not easy for me, because every day was a huge challenge, and after countless trainers and several hours of daily sessions, I had to realize that the city was a torture for my dog. He obviously made furry friends, but after a while he didn't make friends with any new animals, which resulted in us becoming more and more isolated. We continued to herd sheep every week, go to the dog pool, go hiking every weekend, but I had to pay more and more attention to avoid all four-legged animals. The decision matured for a while, but then I sold the apartment that had been my home for 18 years and found the house of our dreams here in Borsodnádasd. I had never heard of this village before either (which is actually a town, but I prefer to call it a village). It was love at first sight, so I set everything in motion and we were here in a few weeks. This place is paradise for us. Csilli chases the frisbee and the ball in her own garden, in fact, she no longer wants to destroy the neighboring dogs, but makes friends again. Everywhere we look here, birds chirping, trees, forests, deer, hills, fields. I wish more people could experience this. My own experience is that it is not always easy to move with a dog by your side, my goal is to make it easy for others here. I would like to add that sometimes the locals look at me strangely when I ask if I can take my dog ​​with me to a meeting or to run errands, but everyone has allowed it so far, and they welcome me with love everywhere in the area.

Come and experience this miracle for yourself!